What is your intrisic nature and how do you deal with it.

Create from whitin your core.

Walking in nature, workshops, energy work, courses, coaching and counseling.


Adults and youth come to ‘Aardmanneke’ with a diversity in questions, advice, counseling and activities.

Questions and issues
When it comes to issues in life, most of those issues and questions regard understanding yourself, knowing your behaviour and how others re-act on this behaviour.
Uncertainties, assertivity, confidence and a positive self image and how to pull yourself towards the direction you really want to go.

One of my specialties is showing processes and giving awareness about these processes from whitin and from outside yourself.
Another quality is to give you very direct and managable ‘tools’. With these tools you can help yourself to go further, perceiving new insights and creating new skills on the way.

Emanuel’s starsign is Twin. Ascendant Scorpio. Dragon in the chinese calendar. Totem animal Red Deer. Number 9 in birthdate, Number 1 in name.

Other people call me a nature sorceror, medium or Lightworker.

Places I work

My work can be done at home, at peoples places, in nature and my own location.
My location has a familiair ambiance. People alwasy say they feel calm and relaxed.
That is because I prefer this setting instead of a sterile, clicnic working environment.
I have worked in these environments and these are less effective in my experience.

When I work in natural areas it will be parks or forests.
Counseling, coaching and energywork can be done outside. Like outdoor activities.


Why come to Aardmanneke

  • Quick transparancy on your life situation.
  • Bringing strong balance in disturbed energy
  • Within 2 minutes your energy can be grounded
  • Finding peace and quietness within yourself or in nature.
  • Knowledge about ADD, ADHD, ASS, HSP, Hybrids, exopolitics
  • My own precense works automaticly as a catalist / obsidian stone. Accellerates processes.
  • RMD Sleeping disorders.

My qualities

  • Clear, quick reflections without filters
  • Awareness of posibilities and qualities you pocess
  • Bringing self-sabotage to light
  • Bringing manipulations to light
  • Motivate, activate and enthousiasm
  • Connection with you Higher source, True Self, Source, identity. (i see or feel)
  • Connection with you higer counsiousness
  • Tracking down and show your mental limitations that block a new perspective or give disturbances
  • Let you get in touch with your own feelings, emotions and (hidden) energy.
  • Empowering intuïtion and other sences.
  • Learn to control and handle your own energy, energy level and the energy of your surroundings in a good way.


Somethimes I’m asked to visit a place, person or animal. To feel, see and notice what’s going on. To restore energy balance or so place new energy.
This I allways do with the help of Gaia, Nature.


In my spare time I like to create and sell hande made products.
Most of those products are 100% biological. I want to create products that won’t harm nature. So I choose to use all natural materials. I create those to give a smile to other people. And to spread awareness about our fading connection with Gaia.

Who is Aardmanneke?

Mijn name is Emanuel Nervo, born at May 26th in 1976.

Aardmanneke (has many translations) is a pseudonym. I choose this name because I feel very connected to nature and her elements.

Aardmannake can be translated as “little man of earth”  in Dutch it also stand for “What is your nature”  and at the same time “grounded with the feet on the earth”.
For me, the name has another special meaning. It is about Elemental hybrids that are permenant in connection with Nature.  Everything is connected through the whole universe.

Relevant working history: Supervisor independent living, supervisor orthopedagogical centra (cognitive therapy, behaviour and learning skills), activity supervisor.

Studies and courses

  • Activiteitenbegeleiding | Activity guidance (ROC 1997, mbo fulltime)
  • Sociaal Pedagogische hulpverlening | Bachelor Social Pedagogical work( Fontys 2001, HBO fulltime)
  • Master Reiki (Reiki 1, 2 en 3.   2001-  2005 regaring Usui System)
  • Course Fundraising  1/2 (Utrecht,Tawa Tawa 2014)
  • EFT workshop ( 2015)
  • Course Fundraising  2/2 (Utrecht, Tawa Tawa  mei 2015)
  • ATAGHAR therapy training (Energetic therapy, Eindhoven, April 2016)
  • Traditional Witchcraft education (white magic) (Waalre, oktober 2016)
  • Master Traditional Witchcraft. (white magic) (Waalre 8 april 2017)
  • Course mosses (KNNV-association for field biology Tilburg)
  • Bushcraft training, Ardennen Belgium (juli 2018)
  • Many several courses regarding coaching, communication en behaviour and use of (old) magic in history.
  • ….