We live in a time of big changes.

Canges in our daily life, changes in our mindset and awareness.

In The Netherlands most people are not feeling this yet. This is because, as we say “zijn nuchter” (clearheaded).
This doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening on a global scale.
Political lies, corrupt banksystems, drugs and human trafficking… like in any country.

We live in an age of spiritual, poitical and monetary warfare that is – as I feel, hope and pray and read – coming to an end.
Eventually everyone will know what is going on. Truth will out in the long term.

Here are some videos I like to share.
Not because they are “TRUE” but for you to feel, investigate or check for things that are happeing now.
I cannot tell what the Truth is, nor is it my place to tell.  It is not my place nor obligation to tell people what to do or what to follow.


Dr Steven Greer

Human kind has never been alone, and never will be alone.

There are many levels of dimensions. My experiences since birth are that of encounters with many forms of beings.
Good and evil. Light and dark. From “Angelic” to “mantis”-like. I have seen lot’s of ufo’s. Even skeptic friends became witnesses